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Intro Course For Premiere Pro

9.99 usd

This 25-tutorial introductory course by Matt Hepworth will get you up-to-speed and editing your first project fast in Premiere Pro CC, Adobe’s high-end video editing software.App Features:• 116 minutes of video training• Super clear explanations• Offline Playback (no internet connection needed)• Easy to navigate
Course Outline:1. Introduction (00:59)2. Media Management (05:06)3. Creating a New Project (04:43)4. Exploring the Workspaces (04:03)5. Using Multiple Monitors (03:39)6. Previewing Video Media (07:55)7. Previewing AVCHD Media (02:57)8. Previewing Audio Media (02:40)9. Video and Audio Properties (04:07)10. Creating a Sequence (05:40)11. Video & Audio Tracks (03:52)12. J, K, L, I, & O (06:26)13. Adding Clips (06:14)14. Adding Audio (05:47)15. Selection Tool (04:33)16. Razor Tool (03:44)17. Ripple Edit Tool (04:06)18. Slip Tool (03:15)19. Video Transitions (07:27)20. Video Effects (05:42)21. Audio Transitions (05:10)22. Audio Effects (02:50)23. Title Basics (04:59)24. Exporting for Archive (05:15)25. Exporting for Sharing (04:43)